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Managed services solution

We provide a broad range of managed service solutions for organizations that need a partner to manage their network infrastructure. This leaves our managed service clients to concentrate on what they do best: focusing upon, running and growing their business.

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Network security solution

For organizations that feel IT security is best left to the experts there is our network security solution. Implemented by network security specialists, our solutions offer unparalleled peace of mind that the infrastructure that you’ve invested in, is robustly secured from the dark side of the web.

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Cloud & hosting solution

There are few businesses who would not benefit from the power, security, speed and convenience of cloud storage. When coupled with our application hosting service, you benefit from the ultimate infrastructure that can scale as you grow and adapt to changing requirements as and when you need it to.

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Internet of things

The Internet of Things is evolving at a staggering rate, promising ‘bigger’, ‘better’ and ‘faster’ – a business revolution on a global scale with products and services becoming more connected and seamlessly integrated. To exploit this technology, you’ll need a specialist team who can help you use, optimize, secure and interconnect all of your relationships – exactly what you’ll get from Awal Telecom’s IoT service.

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Business continuity

When dealing with networks and IT infrastructure the only mantra to commit to is to expect the unexpected. This approach is one that has served our clients well as we’ve delivered the rocksteady business continuity that they’ve come to expect from us. Our strategic disaster recovery experts implement systems, at scale, that overcome the potential for data bottlenecks, just as they drive down the potential for human error.

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